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Our products are widely used in small household appliances,
refrigeration equipment,automation equipment and automobile engines.
    • Personal Care

      Shavers/Hair trimmers /Hair dryers/Waterpiks   Toothbrushes/Beauty apparatus/Breast pumps

    • Health Care

      Humidifiers /Air cleaners/Air purifiers   Water treatment/Air Monitors/Oral care/Massagers/Medical Equipments(Blood pressure etc)

    • Kitchen Equipment

      Coffee machines/Noodle maker/Mixer Dishwasher/Food processer/Water dispenser

    • Cleaning Equipment

      Vacuum cleaners cord and cordless/Robotic vacuum cleaners/Washing machine window or floor/Electric sweepers

    • Smart Home

      Intelligent door lock/Power Windows/Steam iron/Garment Care/Air Conditioning/Projector/Security surveillance/Photography

    • Air Ventilation

      Bladeless fans/Hand dryers

    • Automation appliances

      Robots/Sewing machines/Winding machines/Assembly machines/Pick and place machines

    • Commercial applications

      Vending machines/Office equipment/(printers, scanners, copy machines)

    • Toys and models

      Drones (UAV) /Motorized toys

    • Automotive Applications

      Wiper System/Washer Pump/Mirror Adjuster


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